Blue is represented by the sky and the sea. Overall, it is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, sensitivity, depth, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, intelligence, creativity, and sincerity.

In many cultures, the color blue brings peace or is believed to keep the bad spirits away. For example, in North America and Europe blue represents trust, security, and authority, and is considered to be soothing and peaceful. But it can also represent depression, loneliness, and sadness (hence having “the blues”).

In some countries, blue symbolizes healing and evil repellence. Blue eye-shaped amulets, believed to protect against the evil eye, are common sights in Turkey, Greece, Iran, Afghanistan, and Albania. In Eastern cultures, blue symbolizes immortality, while in Ukraine it denotes good health. In Hinduism blue is strongly associated with Krishna, who embodies love and divine joy.

How “Blue” affects you

The color blue has positive effects on the mind and the body. It invokes rest, promotes feelings of tranquility, coolness, and peace. It reduces stress and creates a sense of calmness, and order. Blue seeks peace and tranquility and promotes physical and mental relaxation.

The “fifty” shades of Blue

Not all blues evoke serenity. Different shades of blue have different meanings. For example, electric or brilliant blues become dynamic and dramatic, an engaging color that expresses exhilaration. Too much blue can create feelings of melancholy, negativity, sadness, self-righteousness, and self-centeredness. Too little blue brings about qualities of suspicion, depression, stubbornness, timidity, and unreliability.

While light blue represents health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness, dark blue can be seen as elegant, rich, sophisticated, intelligent, and old-fashioned. It is associated with knowledge, power, integrity, and professionalism. Royal blue can represent superiority, and light blue can mean honesty and trustworthiness.

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