If you walk around any park, underpass or public area in Hong Kong on Sundays you are likely to stumble across a strange phenomenon. It will look like thousands of people camping out for an upcoming rock concert, or that Hong Kong has a huge number of well dressed homeless people.

In fact, what you are watching is the "weekly day off" for domestic helpers. These workers are paid about USD $ 500 per month. They get half a day off per week, usually from Sunday morning to Sunday night (around 8 pm). 

Most maids take Sunday off, to have the opportunity to be with friends, to share food, to dance, to cut their hair to each other, to do manicure, to pray or to sing, only for few hours. They have just seven days a year for the first two years of service, and up to a maximum of 14 days a year. It's rare that they get the chance to return to their home countries.

Since I had to spend a Sunday in Hong Kong, I began to look at this situation from a different perspective. That is, my whole project is based on capturing the contrast between two realities: the luxury retail stores and the poverty of the domestic helpers.


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