During my trips to Manila, I had the opportunity to photograph several areas of Metro Manila where the trolleys are the main type of transportation. Populated cities like Metro Manila, with a population of around 22 - 25 million people, become very difficult places to live. Due to small wages outside these large cities, much of the population comes to these cities in search of a better standard of living.

However, what people will find is a huge "nightmare", and without the possibility of paying for a room to sleep, the alternative is to find a small place along the railroads and to build with remnants of "trash" their houses. Therefore, a local type of transport to drive people to their "houses" along the iron line was "idealized" - the trolley. 

Since 2017 I have been photographing "trolley boys", however, I estimate that in 5 years (approx) trolleys as a type of transportation will disappear.

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