The color orange represents warmth and tropical surroundings. Orange is considered a fun, light color. It is highly accepted among young people. Designers often use the orange color to illustrate something tropical, something funny, or something for young people.

The orange color radiates warmth and joy, and combines the physical energy of the color red, with joy from the color yellow. Orange is so optimistic and uplifting, that we all should find ways to implement it in our daily lives. The color orange adds spontaneity and a positive way of looking at life. It’s a great color to use in tough economic times, to keep us motivated and help us look at the bright side of life.

How “Orange” affects you:

The color orange provides you emotional strength in difficult times; helps you get through disappointments, despair, and grief; stimulates mental activity; adds tension if you feel the time is passing slowly; encourages activity and sociality and increases creativity. Orange also stimulates our appetite. 

Too much orange causes self-centered and self-serving qualities, including pride, arrogance, and lack of care for others. Too little orange causes loss of motivation, lower self-esteem, and loneliness.

The “fifty” shades of Orange:

A darker, richer orange color may be associated with fall and mean deceit and lack of confidence; Red-orange corresponds to desire, sexual passion, pleasure, domination, aggression and a need for something to happen; Golden orange gives the feeling of prestige. The meaning of the color gold is wealth and wisdom and it often symbolizes something of high quality.

Sources Bourn Creative, and Jacob Olesen (Color Expert);

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