Since I first visited Tokyo, I was extraordinarily passionate about being able to photograph the most varied subjects in a limited space. Whenever I can the parks are part of my schedule and itineraries.

Parks can be divided into active and passive recreation areas. Active recreation is that which has an urban character and requires intensive development. It often involves cooperative or team activity, including playgrounds, ball fields, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and skateparks.

Passive recreation typically requires little management and can be provided at very low costs. Some open space managers provide nothing more than trails for physical activity in the form of walking, running, horse riding, mountain biking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing; or sedentary activity such as observing nature, bird watching, painting, photography, or picnicking. Limiting park or open space use to passive recreation over all or a portion of the park's area eliminates or reduces the burden of managing active recreation facilities and developed infrastructure.

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