During my travel to Beijing - and having some free time - I decided to visit Wuqiao, which is about 300 km from the south of Beijing. Wuqiao is a small town that has become famous due to the government acrobatics school.

The Wuqiao Acrobatic Troupe was created in 1950 in Wuqiao, in the Province of Hebei. Although it is the only professional art organization in Wuqiao, it is located in what is known as the" Cradle of Chinese Acrobatics. Today, China's most important acrobatics festival is held in Wuqiao. 

I thought that I had seen almost everything in my life. However, after visiting three acrobatics schools I felt so moved by the way the children practiced, who are practically abandoned there by their parents. They train in harsh conditions, always with the hope of becoming circus performers. After my short visit, I decided that I would never attend a circus show again.

Source: http://www.circopedia.org/Wuqiao_Acrobatic_Troupe

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